Thursday, January 15, 2009

my first review

Hey everyone, before I begin. lemme tell ya a bit about myself. I, of course, am a gamer. and I'm a big fan of the video games of today, and also, the video games of yesterday. the games I used to play when I was a young dude back in the 90s. so I decided to start my own blog, and start reviewing games. some game that are new(or new-ish), and the old games of the far away past. so, here we go. and I hope you enjoy hearing what I have to say.

Okay, so as the first review for my blog. I think I decided to talk about the most recent game I've gotten. Resistance 2. 

Now when I first got my PS3, Resistance: fall of man, was the first game I bought for it. and I loved it. the weapons felt original compared to other game's weapons like halo. where you just had a basic assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, etc. in Resistance. you had weapons like the auger. a weapon that could go through walls and cover, and that could shoot out shields for cover as an alternative fire. or the far-eye. a sniper rifle that could slow down time so you could pick off your targets with perfect accuracy. even the more basic weapons such as the carbine(assault rifle, pretty much), or the rossmore(shotgun). were awesome weapons. and there was no limit to how many weapons you could carry. your main guy had practically an arsenal of weapons by about halfway through the first game. but, enough about the first game. let's start talking it's sequel and see how it compares to the first game.

Story: the story for Resistance 2 starts pretty much right after the first game. with the main character, Nathan Hale. getting picked up by a squad a soldiers in a helicopter and being taken to join a special team of american soldiers that have been infected by the Chimera. now I don't wanna spoil any of the story for you guys. but I would just like to point out that the story didn't really seem to anywhere really at first. it just kinda felt like I was just going around blowing up aliens and their space ships. and nothing out of really out of the ordinary was gonna happen. but eventually the story picks up more and gets you pretty hooked into it. 

Gameplay: we have both the single player campaign and multiplayer. I'll tackle the single player first.

single player: to start off, the controls to the game are well done and easy to get used to. they even made use of the motion control. every time you shake the controller you do a melee attack. which feels strangely more satisfying then just clicking on of the joysticks. 

my main gripe about the game, is that it got halo-ish. which isn't necessarily a bad thing. and when I mean by halo-ish. is that its using game mechanics similar to that of halo 2. such as the fact you can now only carry two weapons at once. and instead of having a life bar, you have the thing where when your about to die, you just go hide somewhere and wait for your life to heal up. now as I said, its not a bad thing that Resistance 2 has some stuff similar to halo 2. its just annoying because it feels like every single FPS games is doing those kinds of things, hell, even third person games are doing them to. and I just want to see some games where I have to find some med-packs or health kits. or games where I don't have to switch out one weapon for another, and just have my main character store all his/her guns in some space that I'm not privy to seeing. it just feels like games like those are really scarce nowadays. but anyways, enough ranting about that. 

the fighting in the game is really good and intense. and it feels really satisfying when you blow some chimera up with a grenade and see them blow up into bits. you also have newer types of chimera to deal with. such as the grims, fresh chimera that just hatched and wanting to rip your head off. and usually you have to deal with these guys in huge hordes. you also have the chameleons, big and invisible, and jump at you when you least expect it. making you have to act as quick as hell or before they kill you. they're a nice addition to the game, though they feel kinda cheap since they're practically impossible to kill the first time you run into one of them. there's also some huge monster you'd have an epic battle fight with in each location. each one posing a good challenge and giving a trophy for each one you kill.

online: this I think is probly the game's strongest point. if the game was just the online part,  I would probly still get it just cause its that awesome. especially co-op. thats like an entirely different game. having you choose between three different classes of people, soldier, medic or my favorite, special ops. soldier is pretty much for assault and for when you wanna take a butt-load of monsters down. medic is pretty much a must-have it feels like, since they can not only absorb life with their gun, but heal others with it. and special ops can hand other people ammo, along with themselves. which is useful cause finding more ammo without them is hard since their scarce. co-op also has an RPG like factor. with you gaining EXP along with leveling up and getting new gear. which probly helps make the game alot longer.

competitive: I haven't played as much of this as co-op. but what I have played has left me 100% satisfied. I haven't bumped into any extreme lag. and the 64 player matches are a groovy and hectic experience to be a part of.   

Presentation: the whole presentation to the game, music, graphics. and are all great, but not ground breaking. I can't notice a huge difference between the graphics to the first game and this one. and the music is good, but pretty much no different from the first game it feels like. 

all in all, Resistance 2 is well done game. it may not be ground breaking or revolutionary. but it will defiantly be worth the 59.99$( 69.99$ if you get the special addition) you pay for it. 


now. for the first old game review I'm about to do, is a game that I just recently began playing again. so I think it would probly be the best choice for this. the game is called: "Kablooey". for the super nintendo.

I first played this game when I was probly seven. I don't know how successful the game was. but I picture it being one of those games that people just didn't pay a whole lot of attention to. which is kinda unfortunate, because this was actually pretty good puzzle game. let's check it out.

story/goal: there isn't much of a story to the game. your character basically is a giant blue, retarded potato that goes around setting off bombs in a kind of overhead levels that uses tiles. you blow up all the bombs in the level without dying to proceed on to the next level.

 you have about five different kinds of explosives in the game. small, medium and large bombs that you have to detonate. small bombs can blow up only one tile. medium blowing about four tiles. and large can blow up to six spaces at once. then there are bombs that detonate all the others of that kind when you set one of them off. and land-mines. and all these bombs can be set off either by standing on the tile its one and setting it off with the B button and stepping off the tile. or having a bomb that goes off or a explosion right next to it. they add some other things to spice up the game a bit more. like switches that make more tiles or bombs appear. crack tiles that disappear after you step and get off them. sliding tiles which makes you slide uncontrollably across. and even enemies. which were just basically balls. one was a huge bouncing ball that you could walk under if you timed it right. another was just four spinning balls that were a single unit that move around the level.

presentation: the presentation is probly what hurts this game. the graphics aren't what you'd call great. and as for the music, it gets very annoying once the main game begins. before you start the level. there's a female computer voice saying "PLAYER ONE, GET READY!"(player two if your playing with a friend). and the main music is just a bass line and drum beat with the female voice constantly saying "get ready!!" all the time. and the one, probly 40 second track is in all 130+ levels in the game. making it really annoying to listen to after a while.

Kablooey may not be a legendary game. but it is a game worth checking out least. if you happen to find this game at the flea market or a yard sale. it'll probly be worth the five bucks you'd probly have to pay for it.